Economic and social cohesion research at the Esoc-Lab


In its twenty five year history Esoc-Lab has been at the forefront of research on economic and social cohesion throughout the European Union (EU). Esoc-Lab has carried out many projects, among which are pioneer projects on the quantitative assessment of the impact of the Structural Funds. Also of significance is the focus Esoclab has maintained on the Cohesion Policy since its inception and on its evolution. Moreover, Esoc-Lab was among the first to assess the potential for transformative changes to be ignited in the economies and social structures of local territories across national borders by the availability of EU programmes and resources.


Esoc-Lab's experience on economic and social cohesion has therefore focused on two lines of research:  econometric models and data analysis, and cohesion and regional policy.


Below is a list of selected projects in the last decade in both lines of research. For each project the principal investigator(s) and the institutional members of the network comprising Esoc-Lab are identified.



Selected recent projects on economic and social cohesion

Study of the Impact of the Single Market on Cohesion: Implications for Cohesion Policy, Growth and Competitiveness


Principal Investigator: Robert Leonardi

Network members: LSEE, University of Helsinki, Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Pesc, University of Illinois at Chicago, LSE, CASE

Regional Applied Social Science Project: Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia


Principal investigator: Raffaella Nanetti

Network members: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; University of Belgrade; University of Podgorica; University of Pristina; University of Illinois at Chicago

Territorial Planning in Croatia: an Analytical Framework


Principal investigator: Raffaella Nanetti

Network members: University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Zagreb


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